The CaliConBlogCast

Kirby Sucks Marin (County)

March 31, 2022 Episode 72
The CaliConBlogCast
Kirby Sucks Marin (County)
Show Notes

On this Kirby-theme episode of the CaliConBlogCast (in honor of the franchise's 30th anniversary), we finally catch up on some news like Artesian Builds shutting down, the Evo 2022 lineup announcement, con guests announcements, & anime announcements, discuss Spotify putting COVID-19 labels on some of our episodes, and ask "can we proclaim that Marin from My Dress-Up Darling is Waifu of the Year after just one season and ignoring the other three?"

PC builder that drew fury of small Twitch streamers shuts down indefinitely -

The Extremely Shady Death of Artesian Builds (Gamers Nexus) -

EVO 2022 Lineup Announced: Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 Headline This Year's Event -

Shaft Animates New RWBY TV Anime RWBY: Ice Queendom -

Crunchyroll to Remove Food Wars!, Akame Ga Kill, BanG Dream!, Girls und Panzer, No Game No Life, More Anime -

Dress-Up Darling Gave Us The Perfect Girl (Gigguk) -

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